Educators & Schools

soulful moment. portrait of mother and her beloved son with disability in rehabilitation center

At Team EVAN, we believe that education is a key to unlocking the full potential of individuals with disabilities.

That’s why we work with educators and schools to support the learning and participation of students with disabilities and to promote inclusive practices.

We offer a range of services and support to educators and schools, including professional development and training to help them better understand the needs and strengths of students with disabilities and to learn strategies for supporting their learning and participation. We also offer consultation and support to teachers who are working with students with disabilities to help them to identify and implement strategies that are effective for these students.

In addition to supporting educators and schools

We advocate for inclusive practices in education, such as universal design for learning, to ensure that all students, including those with disabilities, have equal access to education and opportunities. We also collaborate with schools to develop programs and activities that support the learning and participation of students with disabilities, such as after-school clubs, sports teams, or other extracurricular activities.

Overall, by working with educators and schools, we can help to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the support and opportunities they need to succeed in education and beyond.s

Join the movement for inclusive education! Partner with Team EVAN to unlock the potential of every student and build strong, supportive communities in the classroom and beyond.